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Good Earth Tree Care began as a dinner table discussion. Owner, Brett Nelson, and his wife, Sara, often wondered how to connect their love of the earth with their passion for their community. In their urban neighborhood Brett and Sara have noticed a seeming disconnect between people and their surrounding environment. Nobody looks UP anymore!


Good Earth Tree Care seeks to preserve and beautify the urban canopy in two ways. First, we offer the highest quality tree care services backed by experience and a high standard for safety. And second, we want to plant seeds of opportunity through employment for those in our community who may have been overlooked by our society in the past. In this way, we hope to increase knowledge of and respect for the earth in our neighborhoods.

Good Earth Tree Care cares about your trees, our neighborhoods, and our neighbors. Please join us as we strive to keep our earth as it was intended, GOOD. And, take the time to look UP!

Less Waste

Good Earth Tree Care has aspirations to be a greener approach to the industry. As much as possible, wood is being repurposed to artists, lumber and furniture companies, as well as those looking for firewood. Branches get chipped and recycled into mulch or composted back into soil. We encourage you to recycle your tree waste back into your property. Free slow release fertilizer! 


Community Development

We are not there yet, but eventually we would like to support our surrounding neighborhoods by providing skills that provide income and enrich lives. Good Earth Tree Care LLC desires to be a place of employment for those that may have been overlooked by society in the past. 


We believe that working with the earth can have profound impacts on a person. The idea was planted after reading,The Good Earth by Pearl Buck. A reoccuring theme is found in the life of the main character, Wang Lung. Working the land provides a physical connection with the earth that helps Wang Lung reconnect with the ancient rhythms of his life and his culture. The work helps to clear his vision of those distractions that cloud it, and helps bring him the peace that so often eludes him in the other areas of his life.


Being connected with the earth makes one more conscious and caring of their environment. The physical proof of the work provides a sense of accomplishment. 

Brett Nelson



Brett is the owner of Good Earth Tree Care. He is a certified, fully insured arborist who has been working within the tree industry for over a decade. He received much of his education and training from one of the most renowned tree research laboratories in the country.

Sara Nelson



Sara wears many hats at Good Earth. She provides managerial support and comic relief to the team.

Nate Jansen



Nate is a certified arborist who has over 6 years experience in tree pruning and removals. He joined our team in 2015 providing us with experienced contractual work for aerial jobs requiring skilled assistance.

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